How This Work Can Benefit You

If you've decided that you want to explore who you are and be free to live your life the way you want then I can support and guide you in doing that.

I created this work out of my experience from working with 1000s of people over the years. It's a blend of my professional learning and personal growth and healing over the course of the last 10 years.
People come to me because they "trust me" and because they feel that I have an incredible ability to hold space for them to be seen and heard.
Maybe you feel stressed, overwhelmed, out of balance, want some guidance in some area of your life or just want to be more creative. No matter how you arrived here, this work can help you understand what's happening and bring you into better alignment.


This Work Is For You If...

  • You feel you're capable of more and you want to explore how to connect to it.

  • You want some guidance and support with something that is affecting you at the moment.

  • You want to understand yourself better and create a life of greater freedom.

    Really it's about feeling good in who we are and where we are in our lives.

Benefits Of The Work

What Clients Say

A. Mullins

 "I went to Darragh in the beginning of 2019. It was the best decision I could have made. Physically, emotionally and spiritually I am in a far better place. What I learned from Darragh was invaluable. Each and every day I use what Darragh thought me. Love the meditation and how it helps me deal with life." 

L. Sewell

"I would highly recommend Darragh. Just stop by, as I did and check it out for yourself. You will be amazed at the results after one appointment. It has improved my wellbeing and outlook on life, aswell as easing ten years of back pain!!" 

M. Zwanowetz

"I am from Austria. I came to Croi8 a few weeks ago. A very warm and relaxing place, Darragh accompanied me on a meditation journey to my sources of strength and he gave me some precious new insights to my illness. I left the place full of energy and full of new hope that the process of self healing will take place in its time. I will definitely visit Croi8 again as soon as I am back in Ireland and I can recommend Croi8 to everybody who is looking for support on the path of healing." 

This Work Is For You If...

You want some guidance and support with something that is affecting you at the moment that you don't fully understand.

You want to be heard and seen by someone who understands what you are experiencing and that can help you move forward in your life.

You feel
you're capable of more and you want to explore how to connect to it.

Really it's about feeling good in who we are and where we are in our lives.

What The Work Involves

In each 1 to 1 session (60 mins), we work on an area of your life that you feel is holding you back from being more free in your life.

We open up the conversation together and I will guide you through questions and observations so you get clarity on that situation and ultimately find ways of being free of it.

Each session is grounded in conversation and also include exercises such as breathwork and creative visualisation to help you understand what you want in life and how to make the choices to create that as a reality.

Really it's about feeling really good in who you are.

The intention I set as you show up for your session is to help you move forward in the way that will benefit you the most.

Benefits Of The Work

  • Quietening The Mind

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence

  • Being More Creative

  • Physically Healthier

  • Having More Confidence

  • Connecting With Your Intuition

  • Understanding Your Experiences

  • Connecting With Your Heart

  • Improved Relationships

  • Healing Trauma

  • Greater Self Worth 

  • Having More Freedom In Your Life

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