5 Minutes - Free Mp3 - Use Promo Code "breathe" at checkout


This is a 5 minute guided breathing exercise to help you quieten the mind.


Of all the practises we can employ, conscious breathing is incredibly powerful when it comes to improving our health and wellbeing.


There are a host of benefits that are available that are scientifically proven and here's one of the best exercises I have used with hundreds of clients and in my own personal life that really works to quietening the mind and coming into better alignment in ourselves.


It's a shorter segment from the balance your body and mind mp3.


I've made this available for half price for a limited time so you can get a feel for some of the work I do and also so you can get some value from what I have to offer.


I hope you enjoy,

Darragh Sheehy


5 Minutes To A Quieter Mind - Free Mp3 - Use Promo Code "breathe" at checkout


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