Why Do We Self Sabotage?

What prevents us from making changes that we want in our lives?

What has stopped us making changes in the past, stops us today and will prevent us in the future from getting what we want in our lives?

This article is about what stops us from making changes, how to identify it in our lives and how we can learn to use it to uncover what we really want and how to get it in our lives using the 4 Steps To Change at the end of the piece.

Let's explore some of the changes first.

What Changes Am I Referring To?
  1. A pursuit of any calling especially in creativity.

  2. The launching of any entrepreneurial venture or project.

  3. Any diet or health endeavour.

  4. Any program of spiritual advancement.

  5. Any activity whose aim is tighter abdominals.

  6. Any course or program designed to overcome an unwholesome habit or addiction.

  7. Education of every kind.

  8. Any act of courage, including the decision to change to change our behaviours and habits.

  9. The undertaking of any enterprise or endeavour whose aim is to help others.

  10. Any act that entails commitment of the heart. The decision to get married, to have a child, to weather a rocky patch in a relationship.

Steven Pressfield

In summary it’s anything which requires sacrificing pleasure now in favour of long term growth or improvement in our lives or others.

The thing that prevents those changes from happening is called Resistance.

What is Resistance?

Resistance is the voice that pipes up anytime we are about looking to change one of the above.