Sharing My Story

What Is Sharing For?

Sharing is a transaction but of what.

Sharing As Children

Ever since we were children we were given the message that sharing is the right thing to do.

We shared our toys with our friends at school, although reluctantly.

We gave some of our sweets to our brothers and sisters under command.

Then one day when no one was looking, no parent or teacher we did something that surprised us........

We shared on our own accord, without instruction.

We walked over to the boy in the corner of the schoolyard standing by himself and asked him would he like to join in the game.

He happily agreed, we felt better, he felt better but what was shared?

In the first two examples, it is clear what is shared, a physical object something we could hold, touch and see.

The last one is different, we shared a feeling, we saw something and did the right thing in asking that person do they want to play too.

With toys, money and other physical objects it can be viewed as a zero-sum game, if I give you €20 then you have more and I have less.

Sharing can be seen as a division in this instance, dividing up the pieces of a pie of a certain size, the more people the less pie.

Experiences and feelings are different.