Leap First; Creating Work That Matters (Audiobook Summary)

This audiobook will help you change how you look at work and help you understand what you work you are capable of producing.

This post is my attempt to summarise what you can learn from listening to the audiobook and more importantly how you can benefit from it.

Leap First; Creating Work That Matters (Audiobook ~2 hours)

This will be of interest to anyone who questions what they are working at and wants to understand the work they do better.

Like learning how you can enjoy work more, understand what work you are capable of and how to have a bigger impact with the work you do.

How It Helped Me:

For many years I acted or rather didn’t act in the work I did because of fear.

I thought that obeying the fear was playing it safe when it was doing the opposite.

Let me explain.

That fear holds each of us back from discovering what work we are really capable of producing.

If we act according to our fear then it will bury us.

Another description for this fear is resistance, it shows up when we are about to make an important change in our lives.

When we embrace that resistance and use it then as a guide then we can create art.

The more I read, listened to and learned from respected people the more I understood what was really happening. 

These people acknowledge the fear and often do exactly what the fear tells them they shouldn't do.