How To Be Sound

What one does is what counts. Not what one has the intention to do. -Pablo Picasso 

Career Options:

I spent my first 3 years in England between 2008 and 2011 studying physiotherapy.

This was after 2 years of study in Ireland as an access course to get into England.

My plan on qualifying was to move back home, find a job and enjoy what I missed most; family, friends and football.

In terms of work I decided either sport or private clinics were for me.

All my initial efforts were placed in trying to get a foot in the door through unpaid work in Ireland.

I had always imagined after studying in college for 5 years that I would be able to find something in Ireland, an unpaid internship was hardly asking a lot.

A driven and determined 22 year old ready to work hard for free in exchange for a bit of an education.

Any takers….nope.

Little did I know my real education was just starting, nothing college could teach you.

The big bad real world so they say.

When all the options seemed exhausted, I was given an opportunity but back in the place I had just returned from, England.

Back To England:

An offer of an unpaid internship with a professional rugby league team with a couple of days part time work in a clinic to get by financially.