How Intelligent Are You?

Do you believe you are intelligent?

When it comes to the question of intelligence, there's often a definitive black and white label given to each person in question.

Like from day one that you were either blessed with it or unluckily were as láthair the day it was given out.

A lot of people carry a strong belief that they themselves have it or don't, that there's no possibility of change.

This belief is matched with behaviour confirming the belief, we say things like 'I could never do that', or 'I wish I was more like him'.

This post looks to dispel the myth that you are definitively either intelligent or stupid and more importantly open up the possibility to you becoming more intelligent.

Let's go:

def. Stupid- Having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

"Having and showing"

Let's deal with having first.

Proof that you have intelligence:

Have you ever surprised yourself with something you did, said or thought, some connection you made or work produced which you didn't think you were capable of?

If you are being honest then there likely has been a time when you showed incredible intelligence, the kind you didn't know you had up to that point.

You may have put it down as luck, a fluke, something you could never do again in a million years and instead of exploring the possibility that it's innate, you buried it beneath one of those limiting explanations.

Hopefully this has opened the possibility that you have this natural intelligence.