Remembering Who We Are Through Self Expression.

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Meet Darragh

Hello, my name is Darragh Sheehy and welcome to Croí8.

This website and the work that I do is as a direct result of my own journey over the course of my life to find out who I am and how I can express myself in the world.

The curiosity to make sense of the world and realise my place in it was always there but really this began in the past 10 years or so and it came from a place of deep dissatisfaction and from really being insecure in who I was.

Around the same time I qualified as a health professional which over the years has brought me face to face with the pains and realities each of us face to finding a sense of wellbeing in our lives, this work has been an incredible learning experience and forms the foundation for the work I do today, helping people to have a better relationship with themselves.

Over the course of the past 10 years I have worked with lots of people who wanted more freedom in their lives, initially it was with people who were in physical pain but as my work evolved with my awareness then it incorporated all the other aspects of our health and wellbeing.

Now this work is to help people have a better relationship with themselves because I realise that once that relationship is improved...every other relationship in our lives follows suit.

And that's not just with people, it's with situations in life, with nature, with our darkness, with everything we are aware's a journey of self acceptance and then into self expression.

My life is my teaching in many ways because I have tried and tested so many ways to find out what works for me towards feeling better in my own skin, more confident and really knowing what I want in life and being able to have those desires fulfilled.


I created this space to express myself with greater freedom and flow and to offer the guidance and support to people who want that in their own lives.


've had the privilege of working with many people over the years and being able to hold space for them, support them and guide them through the process of reconnecting with their voice to experience the freedom that offers.

Freedom in the way we think, in how we show up each day, in our relationships, in feeling physically lighter, emotionally more balanced and in having more headspace to focus on what's important to us.

Finding our voice and using it to create a life we want is the real freedom.

How this works and what can you expect.


Firstly – and this is my special gift - is to get to the truth of what is behind our limitations and fears in life so that we can make different choices in our lives.


We combine my professional and personal experiences in a way that is both grounded in the real world and practical in application, there's no fluff or filler.

If you’re to live the life you want - we start at the beginning…and dissolve what's stopping you so that you can actually feel the difference in your body, mind and in your heart.

Some people say they feel more relaxed and calm, others say they have more headspace, better relationships, greater clarity, a better understanding of what they want in all points the same way, being stronger and more confident in just being you.

The work impacts everyone differently, and yet consistently has gotten people the results they are looking for.

Is it for you? Well, I can't answer that for you but I will say that if you feel drawn to this work with me then message me below and we will find out if this work will benefit you

I look forward to it.


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Feeling More Confident In Your Own Skin

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More Creative and Expressive In Your Life

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Improved Relationships In Your Lives

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Having More Headspace

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Physically Healthier And Feeling Lighter 

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Getting Clarity On Your Current Situation

Benefits Of The Work:

What People I Work With Say

"I am from Austria. I came to Croi8 a few weeks ago. A very warm and relaxing place, Darragh accompanied me on a meditation journey to my sources of strength and he gave me some precious new insights to my illness. I left the place full of energy and full of new hope that the process of self healing will take place in its time. I will definitely visit Croi8 again as soon as I am back in Ireland and I can recommend Croi8 to everybody who is looking for support on the path of healing."