Doing The Inner Work To Be A More Conscious Man.

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Meet Darragh

Hello, my name is Darragh Sheehy and welcome to Croí8.

I'm delighted you’re here - because it means you’re curious about understanding yourself more and feeling better in your own skin.

I get it because I’ve been in that position, more times than I remember. Where I felt off, not myself and didn’t know where to turn or what to do.

Now when I tell you I created this space for people like you to feel better, I mean it. I've worn all the masks of masculinity and been wounded by it's darker edges, I know what it feels like to keep putting on this act as a man and how crippling and exhausting it can feel....


And I can also tell you I know what it means to leave that mask behind and see what the world looks like without that mask. And from experiencing the many sides of masculinity, I can tell you hand over my heart that life without a mask is much more enjoyable and free.

Croí8 is the result of my own learning and discovery over the years, what worked for me, what helped when I felt lost and completely confused and it’s the result of work I’ve done with people over the years. Put another way….



My background is as a health professional working in private clinics and professional sports. Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of people 1:1 - helping them create the one thing life in life that matters……more freedom.


Freedom in the way we think, in how we show up each day, in our relationships, in feeling physically lighter, emotionally more balanced and in having more headspace to focus on what's important to us.


Ultimately it's about feeling more comfortable in our own skin, understanding ourselves better and being happier with where we are in our lives.



How we do things…what matters and what can you expect.


Firstly – and this is my special gift - is the ability to help you connect with yourself.


We combine my professional and personal experiences in a special system that is both grounded in the real world and practical in application, there's no fluff or filler.

If you’re to live the life you want - we start at the beginning…and dissolve what's stopping you so that you can actually feel the difference in your body and mind.

Some people say they feel more relaxed and calm, others say they have more headspace, better relationships, more confidence,  a better understanding of what they want in all points the same way, feeling better in your own skin.

The work impacts everyone differently, and yet consistently has gotten people the results they are looking for.

Is it for you? Well, I can't answer that for you but I will say that you likely have a feeling of what's right for you by at the moment and when we follow these feelings thing tend to work out for the best.

Or if you want to have a quick chat then there's a form below to make that happen...I look forward to it.

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Feeling More Confident In Your Own Skin

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Being More Emotionally Balanced

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Improved Relationships In Your Lives

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Having More Headspace

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Physically Healthier And More Mobile 

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Getting Clarity On Your Current Situation

Benefits Of The Work:

What People I Work With Say

"I am from Austria. I came to Croi8 a few weeks ago. A very warm and relaxing place, Darragh accompanied me on a meditation journey to my sources of strength and he gave me some precious new insights to my illness. I left the place full of energy and full of new hope that the process of self healing will take place in its time. I will definitely visit Croi8 again as soon as I am back in Ireland and I can recommend Croi8 to everybody who is looking for support on the path of healing."